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Are you a Place Champion?

Lauren Lawson, Create Streets

The Place Champions programme aims to support and empower community groups in poorer neighbourhoods, to influence positively their local area, by providing; increased knowledge on how local planning works; increased understanding of how to influence planning; increased confidence and ability to take public action and; increased understanding of how to access funding. The programme can provide technical support on anything from a desk-based study to a viability assessment or the full co-design of a neighbourhood.

Who should apply for the programme?

The programme is open to neighbourhood and community groups who are looking to influence development in their local area. Groups where the work will either; improve street or public and private realm design; create new homes or restore old buildings or; create the potential for broader influence, and that are in areas that are at an early stage of the planning process. The support packages are also aimed at those with either 50% of their population or area in neighbourhood in the top 20% most deprived in the county, calculated using LSOA data.

How could you apply for the programme?

Applications can be made via the Create Streets Foundation website, by filling in just ten questions. The deadline for application is December 20th, so apply now and share it with any community groups who may also be interested.

To find out more, and apply now, please visit the Place Champions webpage here:


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