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Some Background ...

Neighbourhood Planners.London exists to support neighbourhood planners in London and raise the profile of neighbourhood planning in the capital. 


We're a voluntary initiative in response to direct experience of the first wave of neighbourhood planning in London. The benefits of neighbourhood planners getting together, sharing experience and know-how was demonstrated by major conferences in Ealing in 2014 and on the South Bank in 2015 as well as the more informal London Neighbourhood Planning Gatherings, happening since spring 2013.    

Local London survey...

Being good neighbourhood planners, we greatly appreciate the importance of an evidence base!  After a successful Local London conference in May 2015, we conducted an on-line survey to test the need for a support network.  This attracted over 130 responses, including people working for 40 neighbourhood forums from across London.  Read the results.  90% of people supported better networking and four areas were identified as a priority for support:

1.    Online resource of information and examples

2.    Provide a voice to Government and London-wide bodies (e.g. TfL, GLA)

3.    Organise networking events

4.    Provide a simple website with details of London Neighbourhood Forums

These priorities will guide our work and this website is one result.  We seek resources to support our initiatives and rely on volunteers for our work.  We hope you can join us in providing the support neighbourhood planners need to realise the potential of neighbourhood planning across London. 


Neighbourhood Planners.London survey 2017

We undertook a second survey of neighbourhood planners in summer 2017.  This received 70 responses and you can read a summary of the results

Who are we at the moment? Join in and help us...
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